6-Pack Sampler – Single Serving Size


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Simple Ingredients:
Blueberry: Blueberries, Apples, Mangos, Lemon Juice
Hot Chili Mango: Mangos, Apples, Pineapples, Chili Flake, Lemon Juice
Jalapeño Strawberry: Strawberries, Apples, Mangos, Jalapeño Powder, Lemon Juice
Mango Pineapple: Mangos, Apples, Pineapples, Lemon Juice
Raspberry: Apples, Mangos, Raspberries, Lemon Juice
Strawberry: Strawberries, Apples, Mangos, Lemon Juice

No Added Sugar, No Artificial Preservatives, No Dyes (or coloring), No Gelatin, No Sulfur!

The Small Bag Bundle includes a variety of 6 single-serving bags of Juice Jerky. Each bag is the equivalent of a single serving of fruit

A Better Fruit Leather

This is our version of a fruit leather but it’s chewy like jerky. It’s made with 100% real fruit and has no other ingredients. There’s no added sugar, artificial preservatives, dyes or gelatin. It’s blended and dehydrated, so it maintains the majority of the nutrients fiber and antioxidants. And It’s naturally vegan and gluten-free. 

No Sugar Added
Gluten Free
Fat Free
All Natural

Juice Jerky makes for the perfect gift!

Share Juice Jerky with the world! Give the gift of Juice Jerky to a friend, loved one or a coworker. Our gift boxes come already packaged with a box & ribbon.

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