Our Commitment

We are committed to making Juice Jerky delicious, healthy and fun to eat!

Here's what you can expect from us: 

  • No Added Sugar!   Fruit is awesome and doesn't need to be sweetened.  There are no added sugars or sweeteners of any kind in Juice Jerky.  There are also no concentrates, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives. 

    • Real Fruit / 100% Fruit!  We only use real fruit and no other ingredients.  We blend all usable parts of the fruit to retain the most nutritional value.

      • Uniqueness! Each "small batch" of Juice Jerky is unique and takes on the characteristics of the fruit from which it's made.  Expect some slight variations in taste and texture in each bag that you enjoy. 

        • Seasonal Selections!  We are inspired by fresh, in season fruit, and our flavors change to reflect that. Sign up to our email list to get notified when new flavors are released.

          • Handmade means fresh! It also means we create small batches so there's limited supply.  If we're sold out of something today chances are we'll have it very soon.  Order online to reserve yours in advance for pick up at Farmers Markets or to get local delivery.

            • High Demand From The Entire Family! Fruit Snacks are not just for kids anymore. Juice Jerky was originally made for me, an adult, and quickly grew into a snack that people of all ages also love.  Make sure you get enough to share with the family because everyone will enjoy this amazing, healthy snack.